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LETTER: Empathy should lead to mask wearing

LETTER: Empathy should lead to mask wearing

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Everyone has a rich, inner emotional world and life story. It informs behaviors that seem illogical or irresponsible. This seems to be the position Michael Plautz has taken with his March 24 letter to the editor.

I totally agree. However, I find it peculiar that last summer he authored a letter that asked why can’t our black brothers and sisters follow laws or behave well.

In the spirit of charity and western enlightenment values, let’s presume a change of heart in him. It’s refreshing to see him advocating for emotional intelligence, empathy, and respect for our natural biases and logical blind spots. I’m certain he knows truth is our pursuit, but hard to glimpse as evidenced by the extensive work of neuroscientists and economists. Regardless, it’s good to meet another champion of empathy.

As for masks, between spacious, breathable, face shields and affordable, specialized masks made by our free market economy he has options to help himself. If Spartans could carry small, imperfect shields to potentially, though not perfectly, protect their fellow citizens and if my 86-year-old diabetic, COPD-suffering, post-heart surgery grandma can comfortably don a facemask for the collective good, the inconvenience of masks should not be an issue.

Kevin Veloso, Baraboo


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