LETTER: Groupthink takes hold when it comes to global warming

LETTER: Groupthink takes hold when it comes to global warming

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I continue to be amazed at how prevalent “groupthink” has become in our society since the term was first used by social psychologist Irving L. Janis in 1972. Groupthink apparently happens when consensus within the group becomes more important than factual information and can take place in any group; nations, societies, cultures, political parties, organizations, teams, etc.

So, when I saw Pat Nash’s article Oct. 4 in the Baraboo News, “Global warming is real…,” I was somewhat aghast at how anyone could look at the summer of 2019 and decide we were experiencing global warming. The growing season was so short this year that farmers are experiencing a much reduced crop and our air conditioner has run only two evenings while it normally is on for weeks at a time.

I know, I know; the above represents only local conditions and it may have been much warmer elsewhere. However, in spite of what various groups report, we need to realize that trying to categorize the entire planet’s average temperature over time is virtually impossible due to its complexity.

The changes we see in our weather are exactly that – weather, and have nothing to do with climate.

Jerry Nims, Baraboo


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