LETTER: Liberal policies, anarchists bring death and despair

LETTER: Liberal policies, anarchists bring death and despair

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On June 17, filmmaker Ami Horowitz interviewed Jaiden Grayson, a member of Capital Hill Organized Protest. “I’m not here to peacefully protest, I’m here to disrupt until my demands are met by any means necessary. You cannot rebuild until you break it all the way down,” said Grayson.

CHOP wants Seattle to abolish the police, prisons, and the criminal justice system “as we know it today.” “The unraveling of that system is also what will fuel black minds in the black bodies that will create a new world.” Grayson identified herself as “an African brought to America.” Another CHOP chimed in, “I think some destruction and looting kinda sends the message to people and breaking their s—t is justified.” Barack Obama's words, “I want to fundamentally change America.”

I will not bow down/apologize to Black Lives Matter/Antifa who are nothing but corporate funded radical, anti-American anarchists.

Liberal policies are largely to blame for the tragic and terrible state of many black majority communities and the toxic culture that results in so much death and despair.

The Marxist left is at war with America. God help us.

Fred Williams, Baraboo


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