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LETTER: Make wearing a mask a defiant act to gain support

LETTER: Make wearing a mask a defiant act to gain support

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A little macabre humor: What’s the difference between those screaming for everyone to wear a face mask, and those who refuse to wear one because the government is telling them what to do? Answer: Nothing. They’re both extinct.

They had it all wrong. Instead of appealing to everyone’s common sense (snicker), they should have made wearing a mask a defiant act. They could have marketed it by hiring Hank Williams Jr to do the theme song. Michael Jordan could advertise “filtered-air Jordans.” Harley Davidson could market “coffin covers.” Doctor Oz could introduce the “live longer life mask” and the clamor would be deafening. This current exercise in Darwin’s theory, amplified by the childish dumbness of modern politics have managed to turn everyday people back into screaming apes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to treat a problem, as a problem to be fixed? Once we were an America with answers and innovations. We puzzled out great difficulties and led the world in doing so. Now, it seems it’s just another sad political game. We can fix this. As objectionable as it sounds, the only way we can beat this thing, is together. Or not.

Dale Glaudell, Baraboo 


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