LETTER: Nash, liberal media continues with hatred for Trump

LETTER: Nash, liberal media continues with hatred for Trump

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Pat Nash’s Jan. 10 opinion piece is a recycled and repetitious letter about hating Donald Trump and his supporters. Has she no shame?

Retired Chicago Tribune veteran journalist Dennis Byrne calls out his own to regain their sanity. His blog, The Barbershop, tells the story, “As a journalist, I’m deeply ashamed of today’s media. Today’s media are habitually violating what once were the profession’s governing principles: that news must be reported objectively, fairly and without bias. As the report of Inspector General Michael Horowitz reveals, the media fed the nation a steaming pile of BS.”

“For years, their unrelenting hatred of President Trump has been their guiding principle.”

From the moment that Trump announced his candidacy, Democrats set out to destroy the man, his candidacy, and then his presidency. The “higher ups” in the Barack Obama regime co-opted our slavish anti-American media, to support their plan to easily manipulate the public into believing whatever nonsense they promoted. Many were duped.

We went from the Russian collusion illusion, to the Ukrainian call, and now we are mired in the impeachment debacle.

John Durham’s grand jury may soon have some unyielding facts that most deranged Trump haters cannot ignore.

Fred Williams, Baraboo


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