LETTER: Paper shows its liberal bias with Dave Wester column

LETTER: Paper shows its liberal bias with Dave Wester column

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The hubris and hypocrisy of the Baraboo News Republic knows no bounds as they let woke, left-wing elitist Dave Wester write a guest column rather than a normal, by the rules 200 words or less letter to the editor. Is what he has to say that important that he needs more words to express himself? Do they feel he speaks for the majority?

Wester no doubt has proven he suffers from terminal President Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome. A Trump hater like Pat Nash he has called Trump Hitler, a traitor, and a deviant. But the real danger Wester pointed out in his 11-16-17 letter is “The real danger to democracy, however, is not Trump but the people who support him.” There were 15,871 Sauk County residents that voted for Trump in 2016. Wester says you are dangerous.

The fact that the BNR gave Wester a guest column to take a shot at their own employee, Scott Frostman, shows the liberal bias of this newspaper. Feeling the love Scott?

The editorial board needs to look into the mirror and ask themselves why they let this happen. Or, perhaps the epistolary bonding between the BNR and Wester was too strong to say no.

Fred Williams, Baraboo


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