LETTER: To that man in the red cap: We're on to you

LETTER: To that man in the red cap: We're on to you

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Have any of you noticed lately while we Americans are all dealing with a life threatening coronovirus pandemic that there’s a prominent figure who appears almost daily on various newscasts and often in a red cap? Usually it’s at a White House press conference/briefing about the latest information concerning the virus and its spread.

He seems to know a lot about the virus and sometimes more than the doctors. He also has been known to call it “a hoax” and that he’s “not responsible” for it. He even got angry with a reporter who asked him “What do you say to Americans who are scared right now?” And he told the reporter “You’re a terrible reporter and that was a very nasty question.” Unbelievable.

The poor reporter was shocked. Especially since this retort was coming from the president of the United States who wasn’t wearing a red cap that day but we knew who it was.

Little does he know most of us are on to his game. His con game with the American people. And I wish he’d just forget wearing the cap. Maybe save it for the rallies.

Nick Kelly, Baraboo


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