LETTER: Trump support dwindling except among gullible hypocrites

LETTER: Trump support dwindling except among gullible hypocrites

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President Donald Trump’s grossly inflated opinion of himself was never more apparent than at his June 20 rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The campaign rented a 19,000 capacity arena. Expecting thousands more, they built an overflow stage outside. But even Republicans are apparently tiring of Trump’s lies. At the height of the rally, the arena was half-empty.

As Trump’s supporters continue to dwindle, the last to remain will be his base of gullible, white evangelical hypocrites who have turned their backs on God, the Bible and Christianity to support the most immoral and corrupt president in American history, and the most racist since the Civil War.

Evangelicals have been conditioned to believe Trump’s lies since birth. Anyone who believes that a man can spend three days in the belly of a whale and come out alive, or who believes that all the land mammals, birds, reptiles and insects in the world could somehow cross oceans to board and live for six months on a relatively small ship with a 601-year-old captain, where predators do not eat their prey, anyone who can believe such fables is well-primed to be a Trump follower.

They may also go down with his ship.

Dave Wester, Baraboo 


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