LETTER: Two poems by A. E. Longhouse

LETTER: Two poems by A. E. Longhouse

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A Perfect Day:

The soft clouds,

warm sun on my face.

A perfect day

as one might say;

the feeling of wet grass

from a new rain,

as you run through the field.

Relaxing notes of birds singing.

And the breeze -

whispering a message that you,

and only you,

may hear.

Woman in Red:

You gaze into her eyes,

it's red.

She scares you

but you get used to it.

Woman in red,

run away with me.

My love for you is unparalleled.

She looks you in the eye,

and suddenly disappears.

When you close your eyes at night,

you can see her.

She says something:

rather, yells it.

Truth! Truth!

It's a blanket covering you.

What happens when it is ripped off?

Your lies are exposed;

it's a morbid thought,

do you claim it?

And you lay still for you didn't know.

A. E. Longhouse, Baraboo 


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