LETTER: Urge Trump, feds to end destruction by Antifa in state

LETTER: Urge Trump, feds to end destruction by Antifa in state

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Antifa is having its way in Madison due to an inept governor and mayor. The destruction of public property and harm to human life on Tuesday night is incomprehensible.

Part of government’s job is to protect life and property. How is it that one month into this insurrection there are still so many roads being blocked, stores being looted and burned and rioters occupying streets without a federal response? This is no longer the Democrats' call to allow “healthy expression” or just a “summer of love”.

Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution guarantees states protection against domestic violence. It was written for this very purpose, when states are unwilling or incapable of protecting basic order and liberty for its citizens.

In light of inept state and local governance, please write or call our federal representatives and our president to come and secure safety from the destruction of Antifa in Wisconsin. The federal government wants to help us. Also, be sure to vote Republican to assure your personal and home safety in the future.

Ruth Dawson, Baraboo


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