LETTER: What do you stand for, newspapers - tyranny?

LETTER: What do you stand for, newspapers - tyranny?

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Lee Enterprises and its assorted clones have encouraged, through editorial pages and artfully worded “news,” some of the recent violent protests. The recent belated pious denunciation of the inevitable burning and looting should embarrass even the most liberal. Chickens coming home to roost!

Mayors and city councils, Democrats all, applauded themselves for their tolerant inaction, except for ordering law enforcement to “stand down.” Here reference the above roosting chickens. Did not these same officials swear an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution? A police force and National Guard, also duly sworn, might have seen fit to arrest those abrogating the civil rights of citizens whose lives and property were being violated. People of all races and economic strata casually stripped of constitutional protection! Wow! What am I missing here? Have some office holders and violent mobs, working in consort, achieved a super constitutional status?

Is it, perhaps, time to recall our history of how tyranny was courageously confronted by our forefathers on April 19, 1775? When all you hold dear is threatened, what do you stand for…, and who do you stand with….? Or do you “stand down….?”

James Lombard, Baraboo 


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