While Caroline Kennedy and Jeff Bezos discussed John F. Kennedy’s goal of going to the moon at the JFK Library Space Summit, it was two other guys from the state of Massachusetts and two brothers from Dayton, Ohio that actually made it possible.

The brothers are the ones who put an engine on a glider and literally got us off the ground, Orville and Wilbur Wright - that is where it started. The next person was a professor at Clark University who invented the liquid fueled rocket that could be launched into space or attached to the side of overloaded airplanes called JATO-Jet Assist Take Off, in conjunction with JPL labs’ Robert Goddard. The last person was an admiral who took us into the ends of the earth’s polar regions with aircraft and showed human beings could survive in hostile areas plus develop fast supply routes to avoid bottlenecks at Pearl Harbor during World War II plus he used JATO after WWII to get us into Antarctica permanently and other practical uses of aircraft polar explorer - Admiral Richard Byrd.

I should also mention Byrd, Goddard, and Kennedy are all Massachusetts natives. Without them and the Wright Brothers, the moon landing may not have happened.

Kilton Holmes, Baraboo


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