In Scott Frostman's Thursday column, he tells us all to just relax. Do nothing.

I’ve got these cut-and-paste anecdotes from the American Enterprise Institute to show you all how wrong you are to care about the future of mankind. You see, because three or four people in the past were wrong about this or that, we can just assume that the entire body of scientific knowledge on the subject climate change is bogus, you know, the 97% of scientists who actually know what they are talking about.

And get a load of these kids all worried about their future. Things like breathing clean air and drinking clean water and not getting shot in school. Nothing to worry about, says the old guy who hasn’t been in school since the “good old days.”

Sixteen-year-olds have opinions, a lot of them. And why shouldn’t we take them seriously? They are formed with a moral clarity not yet contaminated by the bitter regrets of old age. Not yet corrupted by bigotry, racism and plain old hatred so common in my generation.

We got us into this mess, maybe the 16-year-olds can get us out.

John Rausch, Baraboo 


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