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Things can appear great; however, I feel nothing can be truly great without truth.

Each year, my Christmas letter includes a funny poem that always begins with “’Twas.” Although my poem for 2017 begins with “’Twas,” it certainly is not funny.

‘Twas the night before Oct. 22 and I was sad. Something has made our country bad. Love and respect are gone. Something is very wrong. Everywhere I look I see hate. I pray and hope it is not too late. Love and respect the goal. That will again make our country whole. The motto we see everywhere: "Make America Great Again.” The motto we need everywhere: "Make Truth Great Again.”

After reading my poem, I placed an order for caps and shirts with the motto that I feel is needed. You may see me or my family and friends sporting caps or shirts with the motto "Make Truth Great Again." My dream is that truth will prevail in America and our country will remain great and become even greater. If you find it in your heart to agree, please help promote the motto "Make Truth Great Again" and help make the dream for our country come true.

Rose Valek, Rock Springs