Subscribe for 33¢ / day

I just received a Baraboo News Republic notice of an increase in the monthly subscription price from $19.58 to $26.25 – a whopping 34 percent increase. This happens about every two years. Looking back over the years, I found the 2010 price was $10.45 per month. So over the last eight years, the price has increased 251 percent, or an average of 12 percent per year. That is six times the rate of inflation which amounted to only 2 percent per year over that period.

This gluttonous rate of increase can only be characterized as corporate greed, something the parent Capital Newspapers keeps complaining about.

And, considering the corporate tax cut just enacted, the newspaper’s profits will be further increased.

So thank you, Baraboo News Republic, for price-gouging your blindly loyal customers.

Bob Penzkover, Rock Springs