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The web poll last week showed that 50 percent of voters believe the community isn’t doing enough to assist those with dementia. I experienced a disheartening example of reluctance to assist a potential dementia victim.

While driving in Baraboo on Tuesday, I saw an elderly woman struggling in the freezing cold while walking down Crawford Street. I stopped to help her but she wasn’t able to talk and looked confused. Long story short, I drove her into town, let her warm up, and tried to communicate with her.

While pulled over, she hopped out of my car and started walking into town. Luckily, I saw an SSM Health SUV and a police car nearby. Shockingly, neither representative of these organizations would help. I explained what happened and that she needed help.

Both had excuses, police was off duty, SSM avoiding liability for not doing anything besides calling it in while they sat in their warm cars. I had to return to work worried for her and furious with the inaction of two people who should be leaders in caring for those in need.

Lawrence Gillick, Baraboo

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