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“A picture is worth a thousand words.” – Ancient Chinese proverb.

That has certainly become a fact given the recent concern in the Baraboo community over a prom photo taken last spring which contained some disturbing imagery. And a single picture can contain a powerful and negative message, as this one did.

But I was impressed by a Nov. 28 Baraboo News Republic article stating that the Baraboo School Board took action by unanimously approving a resolution titled “Baraboo United Against Hate.” That’s a good start, but the issue of intolerance goes beyond anti-Semitism to touch other community members.

I myself have been the victim of harassment and name-calling in my neighborhood. And, being a member of the gay community here, I have been further victimized over the years by letters to the News Republic full of bigotry and hate. Mostly from religiously-leaning writers.

These activities have almost completely stopped because I have had to take action, just like the school board, and make public statements that these things are unacceptable.

So I’d like to say in the spirit of the Christmas season, let us celebrate diversity with love and compassion.

Nick Kelly, Baraboo