Lawrence Gillick’s March 11 letter showed concern for the well-being of an elderly woman walking down Crawford Street.

Instead of calling 911, he felt the best option to assist was to take her in his car and find help. She was “struggling in the freezing cold,” and “she wasn’t able to talk and looked confused.” She presented to him as “a potential dementia victim” who could not communicate and needed medical attention.

The best way to help her was contacting emergency medical services so she could be further evaluated for life-threatening health conditions by medical experts. To vilify an off-duty police officer and a person driving an SSM Health SUV was unfair -- and yes, with our overly litigious society, public workers are smart to avoid liability.

The SSM person wasn’t necessarily a health care professional. And why are law enforcement officers expected to give up their free, unpaid time? They actually do care about the welfare of people, or they wouldn’t be in that profession. I know, as I’m married to a retired deputy sheriff. And he has sacrificed plenty for our family and community.

Continue helping others, but please be thoughtful with situations, and avoid denigrating those undeserving of that.

Angie Fuller, Baraboo


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