There are those who feel, even now, that climate change is something we need to continue to debate. But if we listen to the overwhelming majority of scientists the world over, climate change is happening. Now.

Not only here in the United States where we have raging wildfires on the West Coast, severe rain and flooding in the Midwest and multiple destructive tornadoes in the southern states, but everywhere.

The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate and there is an enormous Antarctic glacier the size of Florida which, if it breaks away from the arctic land mass, is due to create a sea level rise of at least two feet.

Then just add the increasing refugee crisis due to crop failures and mounting heat waves and you have a worldwide problem.

What is happening to our planet is due in large part to the out-of-control use of fossil fuels, which feeds a dangerous amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

It would be easy to point our finger at the coal, oil and gas industries but really it comes down to what we, as a species, can do to help solve this problem. Debate over.

Nick Kelly, Baraboo


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