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When Republican Gov. Scott Walker furloughed me and took $6,500 per year worth of family health care benefits from my family, I did not forget who Walker is. I do all I can to knock the Walker party out of Madison.

The cheating Walker party was conniving. They gerrymandered the voting districts and suppressed the vote. Wisconsin still has an illegitimate, gerrymandered government.

Wisconsinites, keep working to rid us of the current illegitimate government in Madison. Work to restore democracy and end Walker-party rule. We deserve better.

I am alarmed to see Donald Trump party extremism. The Trump party furloughed federal workers for weeks. Those government workers did not deserve this. Like me, those workers will not forget their pain. I predict Trump party rule will be even shorter than Walker party rule.

Democrats, please don’t waste resources and effort on a minority vote to impeach Trump.

Let democracy work. Voting is a much cleaner process than impeachment and is much, much less expensive. In two years, let the people vote Trump and his heartless senators out of office. It will feel good to see them leave on election night.

Daniel Holzman, Baraboo