The Mayo Clinic defines narcissistic personality disorder as “a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration … a lack of empathy for others” and are “vulnerable to the slightest criticism.” The definition could have been enhanced with a picture of President Donald Trump.

The condition causes those afflicted to brutally attack people who challenge or criticize them, a characteristic common to infamous people who have had the disorder such as cult leader and mass murderer Jim Jones, and Adolph Hitler.

Trump’s attacks on American norms served the Russian goals of sowing discord among Americans and undermining American institutions, such as the free press. Trump and the Russians did not have to have to collude. It was obvious to both that they had the same goals.

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The Trump-Russia efforts would not have caused serious problems had it not been for the fact that at the very same time we had an irresponsible Republican Congress that failed miserably in its checks-and-balance responsibilities. It was a perfect storm.

The issue is not collusion, but President Trump’s mental fitness, and his and the Republicans’ disloyalty to America.

Dave Wester, Baraboo


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