I don’t see hatred expressed in the prom photo, so where is the hatred we are supposed to reject? A friend said he was chewed out for believing the photo was not a Nazi salute. That’s the division I said would happen at December’s city council meeting.

This campaign paints a picture of Baraboo I haven’t seen in 24 years of living here, and is responding to a supposed Nazi salute. Only two boys said they thought other students were saluting.

Community meetings and reject hate signs tell everyone that Baraboo is intolerant and must reject its hatred. Because Baraboo isn’t diverse doesn’t mean we are anti-Semitic. Every small town in America could then be accused of this.

"Reject the Perception, Embrace the Truth" is a better yard sign, as looking for anti-Semitism to stamp out in Baraboo is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The prom picture will be with us forever as we have turned perception into reality. It opens the door for news media to do follow-up stories for years, linking us to other cities with similar incidents.

“A lie doesn’t become truth … simply because it’s accepted by a majority.” -- Booker T. Washington.

Michael Plautz, Baraboo

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