I'm responding to Scott Frostman's March 18 column, which appeared in the Baraboo News Republic. He says 16-year-olds should not be given voting rights because, "They have no skin in the game."

They do have skin in the game. They pay taxes. A quick fix for Frostman and his friends who fear the 16-year-old vote would be not to tax 16-year-olds. If you don't want kids to vote, don't tax them. I would hope that even Frostman could think deeply enough to recognize the parallel between taxing our 16-year-olds and not allowing them to vote, and America's war of independence over the very same thing.

Careful. This might be liberal bias infection.

Frostman goes on to say that a free college education for all is "chasing rainbows." Why is an aggressive investment in the future generation -- the nation's future and a true, ethical nationalism -- chasing a rainbow? Everything on this planet that walks, swims, or flies knows there is nothing more important than the future of its young.

Read some history. You will see that a “me first” ethic is not a sin. It's just stupid.

Jeff Monfort, Portage

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