Keep unvaccinated patients out of clinics

Keep unvaccinated patients out of clinics

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Ben Bromley’s opinion in the March 6 issue of the Baraboo News Republic gives a good summary of the impending medical situation due to the anti-vaxxers reluctance to immunize their children.

However, it does not provide a method to provide better protection for the families of those parents that do vaccinate. Every time an unvaccinated person enters a close, crowded environment there is a chance of spreading a communicable disease to others. Should this happen in a medical facility, that potential is even greater due to the fact the patients going to that facility are in an immune compromised state.

I propose that the medical facilities and doctors should refuse to see patients who are not vaccinated or are not in the process of becoming fully vaccinated in the clinic setting. Those unvaccinated patients should be seen by medical professionals in their home.

Whatever additional charge is made to cover the costs of such a visit is a financial consequence of refusing to be vaccinated. If a parent takes an unimmunized child into a clinic and others become infected, is that parent legally liable for spreading a communicable disease? I think we need further discussion on this issue.

Terry Kramer, Baraboo

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