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The announcement that Lake Street is up for improvement is welcome news. There is quite a bit of history connected with this part of the city.

Just prior to World War II, many moved to Baraboo for jobs at the Badger Army Ammunition Plant. My parents found an affordable home on Lake Street. We walked to school, one mile each way, no buses or snow days.

The area was sometimes referred to as "being on the wrong side of the tracks" but this never seemed to bother us. Close neighbors included the chief of police, manager of the water pumping station, a neighbor who rented rooms to plant workers. The workers came to our house for home-cooked meals prepared by my mother. Our garden provided fresh vegetables and my dad provided the lamb and turkey. This house has been beautifully updated.

Young students now have a nearby school offering innovative programs. Lake Street had its own grocery store. Sadly this latter part of the street has been in need of some tender loving care.

Driving along Walnut Street, I noticed a man painting a large portion of the building which once housed two grocery stores; now it’s the APSE Gallery.

Sharon McArthur, Baraboo