My friend Fred Williams showed remarkable restraint in his April 13 letter to the editor clarifying, in his understated and meticulously reasoned manner, why a special counsel is needed to investigate former President Barack Obama.

Williams could easily have shined a light upon Obama’s nefarious plan to sap the precious bodily fluids of conservative letter writers like Williams through the clandestine machinations of a “weaponized” FBI.

However, obviously not wishing to inflame passions, Williams wisely held his tongue.

Nor did Williams mention Obama’s ill-conceived, reluctantly abandoned plan to short-sheet the beds at all of Donald Trump’s properties should Hillary Clinton lose the election.

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Williams also refrained from revealing how the remnants of Obama’s deep state continued their invidious, behind-the-scenes maneuverings to prevent our new neophyte president from appointing to key administrative positions such iconic American heroes as Col. Bat Guano, Gen. Buck Turgidson and the legendary Gen. Jack D. Ripper, men of proven Cold-War mettle into whose lives director Stanley Kubrick gave us a glimpse in the award-winning “Dr. Strangelove.”

Williams concluded his letter with this exhortation, “We need another special counsel: Obama is the prize.”

I respectfully submit that it is my friend Williams’ letter that really takes the prize.

Robert Reid, Wisconsin Dells

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