We need local newspapers for the same reason that we need state and national newspapers: to get the truth.

News media is the only American institution dedicated to the truth. We cannot depend on the truth from social media and the internet, and we certainly don't get it from politicians or televangelists.

News media lives or dies on its ability to find and distribute the truth. Newspapers are the most efficient way to get it because they give us the opportunity to choose the news that is most important to us, rather than spoon-feeding us what they have decided is most important, as electronic media does. With newspapers, we choose what we want to read. Local newspapers are essential because they are our only source of local truth.

There is something very relaxing about picking up the local newspaper in the morning and browsing. More relaxing than electronic media. With electronic media, we have to wait in frustration for something to come along that interests us.

Just think of all the local, state and national lies we have been told in the last few years that we would have had no way of evaluating without all levels of newspapers.

Dave Wester, Baraboo


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