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I agree that Gov. Tony Evers ordering the Wisconsin National Guard units back to Wisconsin at best is questionable. I do support Donald Trump’s national emergency. But, to be fair the governor’s decision is not any worse than California's congressional delegation asking Trump to send the Navy Seabees and Marine Corps construction units to deal with the national emergency on Catalina Island upgrading the island's airport runway.

After the emergency in California is dealt with, I am certain those units can be sent to Arizona to replace the Wisconsin units, since the president did declare a national emergency on the border. Gov. Evers has a valid point: border security is a federal issue, so federal reserve and active duty units should be sent and federalize the National Guard, which Trump can do.

My only question is why Baraboo had to use private contractors instead of the National Guard to upgrade its runway? So much for our national infrastructure priorities, it does cut both ways in politics. I do not think the 9/11 Commission had a wall in mind, they had something less expensive and just as effective besides a giant wall.

Kilton Holmes, Baraboo