The founding fathers knew the First Amendment is the most important amendment for good government. They knew a free press and factual information is the basis for good decision making.

Thanks to a free press our Sauk County Board of Supervisors is much better than it was two years ago. Tim Damos pointed out the secrecy and behind-the-scenes doings of the chairman and his supporters. People did not like it and ran for supervisor office. The new board chair and board members are a huge improvement over the run-amok board of the past.

The Baraboo News Republic sued the county board to get records to tell citizens of things the old board was doing. The BNR won the suit.

There are holdover supervisors from the old board. They are still obstructing the press from getting public records. Marty Krueger, Brian Peper, and their small band of obstructionists are still fighting to keep public information from the public.

Thanks to Damos and Baraboo News Republic for making our government more responsible. Sauk County now needs more citizens to stand up and run in 2020 to make an even better board.

Daniel Holzman, Baraboo


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