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The Nov. 24 letter from Fred Williams, “Politicians aren’t to blame when ‘kooks’ turn violent,” was an attempt to blame President Barack Obama for mass shootings.

He ignored the fact that we have suffered through mass shootings for decades, during the terms of presidents from both parties, including President Donald Trump. None of our presidents should be blamed for them.

Williams then accused a columnist for the Baraboo News Republic who supports Democrats as “unhinged.” Without any evidence, he accused President Obama of encouraging the shootings, and of being anti-police. The real reason for the mass shootings is that both Democrats and Republicans have failed to pass laws to keep unstable people from buying firearms.

Incidentally, I wish to thank the Baraboo Police Department for acting to maintain public peace and order amidst all of the meetings and threats created by the stupid behavior of a few high school boys, and the even more stupid reactions by adults all over the country.

Richard Bates, Baraboo