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Remember what Easter is about when hunting eggs

As children we would hunt for Easter eggs. We as parents passed this tradition on to our children and they passed it on to their children.

An exciting experience for all of us.

We see on television there is a bunny rabbit, the Easter Bunny, has produced those eggs. Now parents, as you read this you will have to cut me a little slack here. Maybe you don’t know the truth or don’t realize where we all came from?

You and I are the result of an egg being fertilized in the womb of our mothers. You had a father. This is God’s intent.

There was a young woman named Mary who conceived by the Holy Spirit. She was a virgin, and she was to name him Jesus. His father is God. God’s intent was to rescue all of us from old age, sin and death.

Jesus took our nature to the cross, putting to death sin, the cause of our old age and death. He then rose from the dead. Eternal life is promised for all who believe.

We can celebrate the joys of Easter by his resurrection. Included are hunting for Easter eggs.

Pastor Thomas Dunbar, Baraboo