Well folks, 2020 is around the corner. Not the "20/20" show ABC has, but the other TV program: the Donald Trump reality TV show/infomercial.

The show that never stops is on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is on most of the networks and other media as well. This explains why Feld Entertainment shut down its circus and Circus World has a hard time competing with a circus like the Donald Trump TV show/infomercial. How can anyone compete?

The good news is you can have a say in the renewal of the Trump TV show or its permanent cancellation. But having seen the pilot series the Democrats have it is not encouraging, so I am going to support renewal of the Donald Trump TV show/infomercial for another four years.

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Besides, us conservatives like to see Trump torture the liberals. Remember, he drives us conservatives crazy as well. That is what makes this TV show circus a success. Or just be bored with what the Democrats and liberals offer. Just remember, renewal deadline is Nov. 3, 2020, not to be confused with ABC's "20/20."

Kilton Holmes, Baraboo 


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