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Recently I made an error in judgment that I publicly acknowledge. I take full responsibility for my actions and have paid the citation. Though I have publicly apologized on social media, this letter allows me another opportunity to apologize to the public.

I also wish to publicly apologize to my wife and my daughter. This incident has caused them tremendous pain and I am sorry.

Public officials are expected to lead by example, and I did not live up to that expectation. I am very aware that the public, especially our youth, look to adults and public figures as role models. Unfortunately, role models make mistakes. I am hoping that my situation serves as an educable moment.

I am looking forward to putting this unfortunate incident behind me and I respectfully ask for the opportunity to allow my family to heal in private.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to the many friends, family and supporters that have reached out over the last few weeks. Your kindness and understanding mean the world to me.

Wally Czuprynko, Lake Delton