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On behalf of the 14th annual Free Baraboo Area Community Christmas Dinner planning committee, I express my heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed to the event’s success, resulting in our serving a record number of more than 300 meals on Christmas Day at the First United Methodist Church in Baraboo.

Many thanks go to the local churches, businesses and organizations that came together with the common purpose of serving others; to the individuals and businesses that contributed cash and food; to the scores of volunteers who worked for days and weeks to prepare for the event and who donated their time on Christmas Day; and to the Baraboo News Republic, 99.7 MAX FM, NBC15 and all others that promoted the dinner on their signs, in their store windows, in their publications and in their broadcast and digital communications. And thank you to those who joined us at the dinner and through deliveries to their homes.

We are blessed in this community to have many generous and caring hearts. Thank you again for making the 14th annual Free Baraboo Area Community Christmas Dinner a joyful, plentiful event.

Judy Ellington, Christmas Dinner chair, Baraboo