Almost everyone in the United States has seen what kind of person President Donald Trump is. The economy is good, and Trump is quick to take credit for good things.

He calls himself “tariff man” with great pride. His tariffs are a direct tax on consumers. The rich got their tax breaks; the rest got more taxes.

Many rural Americans and Christian Evangelicals voted for the Republican Trump. They are the Trump base. Many baseless urban people did not even bother to vote and now some say they don’t like President Trump.

The Robert Mueller report gives evidence Russians work for President Trump. Part of our divided Congress talks about impeachment for obstruction of justice. They have no power.

The majority of senators support President Trump, so impeachment is a dead end for removal of this president. He is in until he loses election.

Americans now well know how they like nationalist, anti-science Trump’s divided America. In 2020, Evangelicals, rural and urban citizens will get a second chance and vote to replace or keep our Trump/Russian government.

Daniel Holzman, Baraboo

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