Someone wants $5.5 billion to complete a 2,0000-mile wall. That is $275,000 per mile.

I know some of the miles already have a wall, but some of the miles are going to be more complicated than others – forging streams, covering rock. We have 327.16 million people in the United States. The cost is $16.81 per person. We have 63,949 citizens in Sauk County; at $16.81 per person, that's more than $1 million.

I know Sauk County could use $1 million in a better way.

We know humans are pretty smart creatures. We can put a ladder up to that 18-foot wall and climb right over, or we tunnel underneath. Anyone who wants to sell drugs or sell people can manage a wall.

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What is this shutdown about again? Someone wants a wall built in their honor; one that can be seen by satellite from space, like the Great Wall of China. Isn't it clear what is going on?

To conservatives who voted for this president, tell him if Mexico isn't going to build the wall, as promised, this plan isn't working for you. You want your $16.81 back.

Beverly Simonds, Baraboo


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