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Cpl. Tibor Rubin is not a name most of us would have heard of unless you knew he was a Korean War veteran and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient for bravery in combat and saving more than 40 men in a Chinese prisoner of war camp during the Korean War.

He is the only Jewish concentration camp survivor to receive the medal. The skills he learned in the concentration camp to survive later helped to save the lives of 40 of his fellow POWs. His bravery in combat was for dangerous missions and patrols he went on. The only problem? He was "volunteered" for those missions. Why did it take so long for him to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor? Anti-Semitism.

Now this past Labor Day there was flooding in Baraboo and Sauk County and our young people made a difference in saving lives and preventing property damage. How does it compare to Baraboo and the prom picture? In both cases, despite the odds, both Cpl. Rubin and our young people made a difference when it counted.

The anti-Semitism and the infamous prom picture should be considered a mere footnote as a challenge overcome. The thing that counts is Cpl. Rubin's service to his country and our young people’s service to their community. In both cases, people made a difference when it really counted.

Kilton Holmes, Baraboo