President Donald Trump’s appeal has been to working-class Americans but he has consistently put the interest of one-percenters over his base.

His budget calls for cuts to the rich and corporations, creating deficits to be made up by cuts to domestic programs. The greatest hits would be to the disabled, elderly, ill, students’ education and loans, the impoverished needing food stamps, public housing subsidies and home-energy assistance.

Child care and paid parental leave are not in his plan. Even his employees would get reduced pay and pension cuts. Our national parks and the agency that enforces worker health and safety will not receive enough to do their job well. Infrastructure and transportation have minimal allowances.

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Our country has had dramatic increases in measles, yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Science Foundation both have significant cuts. Investments in renewable energy are eliminated yet fossil fuels are increased.

Republicans are seriously considering cuts to Social Security and Medicare, but plan to increase defense spending. How much longer will people tolerate the inequality and fail to recognize they are getting the shaft?

Allegra Zick, North Freedom


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