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This week President Donald Trump had opposition to some of his illegal or stupid actions. He appointed a man to the Federal Reserve who was not an economist. The Wall Street Journal reacted so violently that he cancelled the appointment.

Next he ordered government health agencies to stop enforcing the Affordable Care Act. Health insurance companies would be free to increase premiums and to refuse to insure people who have special medical problems.

More than 21 million health insurance customers could lose their Medicare or Medicaid coverage and 200 million people would have no protection from arbitrary rate increases.

Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott was appointed to develop a Republican health plan. On the March 31 episode of Face the Nation, Margaret Brennan questioned Scott about what he will include in a Republican health plan. Scott refused to tell her.

Trump postponed attacking Affordable Health Care until after the 2020 elections. He flew to the Mexican border, threatened Mexico, and held a fundraising rally. He hates being in the White House where he might have to work.

On April 8, he fired his homeland security head.

Richard Bates, Baraboo


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