With the 2020 elections practically right around the corner, many of us still keep asking why we do not elect our president by popular vote like every other elected office.

We currently use the Electoral College system, which many people like me feel is out of date. Why shouldn't my vote count as much as a vote in another state? Why does there have to be something called "swing states" that get almost all the attention of the candidates and ignore the voices of citizens in non-swing states?

Did you know that this does not have to happen and many state legislatures have already signed into law a National Popular Vote law, which allows their residents to vote for president by popular vote?

My Illinois friend told me about this. Their state representatives have signed it into law a while ago. So where does Wisconsin stand? We have not adopted it yet. If enough states do adopt it, it will elect our president by popular vote.

Let your voice be heard. Contact your Wisconsin state senator and representative and let them know that you think this is important to get this into law now for 2020.

Diane Dobbs, Baraboo 

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