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AM 1170

AM 1170 will continue to operate with power restrictions at night, but FM 103.3 will be on the air 24/7. FM 103.3  can be heard 15 to 20 miles within the Waupun area. Pictured is Radio Plus president and principal owner, Terry Davis, left, and station manager, Nick Rusch.


WAUPUN — From now on, listeners can hear AM 1170 in the daytime as usual, or  listen to the same programming and content on FM 103.3.

At night, when the station normally goes off the air, FM 103.3 will remain on the air.

Because AM 1170 is a class D AM radio station, the FCC requires the radio station to reduce power after sundown and eventually go off the air, and remain off throughout the night.

With the addition of FM 103.3 broadcasting will be 24/7 and can be heard 15 to 20 miles within the Waupun area.

“Planning for FM 103.3 has been over two years in the making,” said Nick Rusch, radio station manager. “Waupun had an FM station back in the 1970s and 1980s, but eventually it was sold and moved to Oshkosh in 1990. It’s been my goal for over six years to get this station to 24/7 broadcast capability. This was the best means to do it and I couldn’t be more proud.  This is going to add so much to an already great group of stations. We have a talented and great staff of announcers.”

Owner Terry Davis agrees. “It’s an exciting time for Waupun and communities close by. FM 103.3 will allow us to be more local, more often.”