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How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? That may seem like an odd question to pose in April, but research indicates that many people don’t even make it to month six with new goals.

If you started off the year motivated to do something differently but are no longer pursuing that effort, why did it drop off?

Speculation would lead some to believe that it is because you are lazy or that you stopped caring. Rather, it may have just been easier to go back to what you were doing before.

Blue Zones Project was brought to Dodge County by Beaver Dam Community Hospital after a health needs assessment was done and the results revealed a high prevalence of preventable diseases. As with New Year’s resolutions, when people try to tackle something on their own, sometimes it just doesn’t stick. However, when the environment lends itself to making the healthy choice easier, people will have greater success.

The Blue Zones Project team works with schools, churches, organizations, grocery stores, restaurants, work sites and local government to create an optimal environment for achieving well-being. Research from places around the world where people live the longest, shows that moving naturally, eating more fruits and vegetables, putting family first, connecting socially and finding our purpose contributes to well being.

One example of a Blue Zones Project initiative that helps keep me on track includes using the Blue Zones inspired checkout at Blue Zones Project Approved grocery stores. These checkouts feature quick grab food and beverage options that are healthier. The stores still maintain the “regular” checkouts as well. Blue Zones Project is about adding choices, not taking them away.

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