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Midwest ice skaters bring their best to Swan Syncro Skate (copy)

Local team SwanSyncSation competes in the novice category during the Swan Synchro Skate 2018 at the Beaver Dam Family Center Ice Arena. The girls were among teams that did over 40 routines on the ice during the annual competition.

The Beaver Dam Family Center is in the finals for the Light Like the Pros competition with four other skating rinks throughout the country.

Voters can vote once a day until March 21 when one of the five rinks will be chosen as the winner of the Ephesus LED sports lighting system.

The other four rinks are in Sunbury, Pennsylvania; Stockton, California; Clinton, New York; and Rockford, Illinois.

To vote on the website, click on “vote” and that will link to a page with options for voting for the different arenas.

“Of course we want to thank all those who have voted and please just keep on voting,” Family Center rink manager Jim Szopinski said.

Szopinski said the Family Center is on its second lighting system in the 34-year-old building.

The Ephesus LED sports lighting system up for grabs is valued at $50,000. Energy-efficient LED lights use less energy and emit less heat, saving additional time and energy that would be used to maintain the ice.

The criteria to select the winning rink will based 75 percent on its vote totals and 25 percent on an essay score.

The Beaver Dam Family Center is home to the Beaver Dam Hockey Association and Swan City Ice Skaters. It also is where Beaver Dam High School hockey games are played.

Reporter at The Daily Citizen