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JUNEAU — A 19-year-old Milwaukee man was sentenced to prison Wednesday after police found he was hiding crack cocaine in his body during an arrest.

Dodge County Judge Martin DeVries sentenced Octavious Hayes to 3½ years initial confinement in prison and 4 years of extended supervision.

DeVries said that probation was not appropriate in this case because defendants selling drugs in the community require punishment.

Hayes was arrested after a search of a Beaver Dam home for possession of marijuana. During the interview, a Beaver Dam detective became suspicious that he was hiding more drugs. A further search at the Dodge County Jail revealed that he had 23 grams of crack cocaine hidden in his anus.

Hayes was convicted of possession with intent to deliver crack cocaine on May 3.

“The defendant is a drug dealer who came to Dodge County for no other purpose than to sell drugs,” Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg said. “Drug dealers from Milwaukee, Chicago and Madison are deciding to come to Beaver Dam to sell drugs. The defendant came here to line his pockets by furthering the misery of drug addiction in our community.”

Reporter at The Daily Citizen