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JUNEAU — A retired correctional officer at Fox Lake Correctional entered a not guilty plea to charges of delivering pornographic magazines and cellphones to inmates.

Peggy S. Noll, 58, Watertown, is charged with a felony count of delivering illegal articles to an inmate. She could face up to 3½ years in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted of the charge.

Noll appeared on Wednesday before Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Brian Pfitzinger.

According to the criminal complaint, a staff member at the prison notified the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office in the fall of 2016 that a staff member had been bringing cellphones into the prison and giving them to inmates. Two confidential informants told the prison staff that Noll allegedly was bringing cellphones and magazines to an inmate.

A search was done in December 2016 and a white Samsung Galaxy III smartphone was found in the bottom bunk in another inmate’s cell. They found texts on the phone about the inmate needing $200 to pay back the inmate who was given the phones. There was also a message saying that the prison would be on lockdown on Nov. 15 and 16 and the inmates would not have been aware of the search unless a staff member had told them.

The inmate Noll allegedly was supplying had his room searched, and prison officials found several things that he would not had been able to get on the property: two pork chops, seven pairs of polyester underwear, a smartphone, charger and ear buds. The prison staff kept monitoring the inmate and found that he made calls to Noll as well and noticed hundreds of dollars deposited in the inmate’s account from people both on and off of his visiting list.

According to the criminal complaint, the prison staff also monitored a call the inmate made to Noll, where they told each other that they loved each other.

In July, Noll was scheduled to be placed on administrative leave while the case was investigated. They made contact with her on July 5. Noll denied having a relationship with the inmate and when hearing a recording of one of the calls, she denied it was her voice on the phone. Eventually Noll allegedly admitted that she was very good friends with the inmate, but it was not a sexual relationship. Noll also admitted to the investigators that she removed the phones from the facility when she found out it would be put on lockdown.

Noll was placed on administrative leave on July 5 and retired from the Department of Corrections the next day.

A telephone scheduling conference for the case was scheduled for April 3.

Reporter at The Daily Citizen