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Tuesday, April 5, is presidential primary and election day in Wisconsin.

In America you have the right to vote if you are registered to vote as a citizen of Wisconsin. In order to protect your constitutional rights such as your right to bear arms, equal rights, civil rights, and voting rights you also have a responsibility to your civic duty. You can vote absentee, in person or by mail, and at your designated polling place on April 5.

This a primary for president of the U.S.A. and you do not have to declare a party preference to vote for any candidate. There is a non- partisan statewide election for Wisconsin Supreme Court, as well as for local government offices. You may also have referendums to take a position on.

Study the issues and the candidates. I have been dismayed by our current politicians and judges who have enacted voting restrictions and obstacles such as voter ID and reduced voting times. I am more concerned over who can influence these elections and the partisan regulators controlling voting activities.

Because of the U.S. Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, corporations and unions can influence these elections with unlimited money declared to be free speech and from anonymous sources. Think about what that means. Foreign-owned companies can secretly spend as much money as they want to convince you to vote for a candidate that they basically bribe to get who and what they want.

It is imperative to ask their position and demand every elected politician to support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and replace it with reasonable campaign finance and disclosure laws.

I also encourage every voter to insist on expanding voting opportunities. Wisconsin just passed electronic registration to vote, and it would be logical to enact electronic voting, which scares the current politicians. We the people can defeat any amount of money if we all exercise our duty to vote.

Get off the couch and your gadgets and vote out the plutocracy (wealthy rule) and return our democracy to we the people on April 5.

Jeff Holubowicz, Randolph