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Too much time and money wasted on voter ID

Too much time and money wasted on voter ID

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Recently I submitted a letter to the editor decrying the money wasted on the voter ID issue in Wisconsin.

The very next day, following its publication, the Daily Citizen printed a column from Scott Fitzgerald. In his letter Mr. Fitzgerald listed 79 cases of “alleged” voter fraud, dating back to 2008. Of the 79 cases, 65 of them were in Milwaukee County. There were 288,549 registered voters who cast ballots in 2013 (the year Scott Fitzgerald used to report 65 “alleged” voter fraud cases). Of the 79 voters charged, Mr. Fitzgerald listed two who were found guilty (neither from Milwaukee County).

In a recent article written by Steve and Cokie Roberts in the Daily Citizen, they stated a quote from the Shorenstein Center at Harvard: “Multiple studies using different methodologies have found voter fraud occurs so rarely that it could not have an impact on results.”

I agree that even one case of voter fraud is one too many, however, I repeat my original question, which was not addressed by Mr. Fitzgerald, “How much Wisconsin tax money has been spent on this non-issue?” Again, money that could have been used for our education system, crumbling roads, unsafe bridges, etc., which are not being adequately funded by our legislature.

Indeed the decision to pass a voter I.D. law was made by the legislature. Perhaps the electorate should have been allowed to decide that issue, with a democratic vote, along with the pertinent fact of what this law was going to cost the taxpayers.

What a novel idea.

Geri Higgins, Iron Ridge


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