Beaver Dam needs to prioritize funds for street repairs

Well, the numbers are in, and they ain’t pretty.

So far, more than $600,000 was spent on downtown. Along with the footbridge to nowhere at a quarter-million dollars, and the paving that will be required from the bridge to the park, the city will have spent over a million dollars of your tax money on these projects. If your car is out of alignment, or your kid’s fillings are being jarred loose from driving on our city’s streets, I’d suggest you contact your alderpersons and the mayor and discuss spending priorities in our city.

The mayor was recently quoted in the Daily Citizen that it wasn’t streets alone that attract people and businesses to Beaver Dam. That may be true, but having bone-jarring streets could very well keep them out.

It might be less of an issue if it were small side streets off the beaten path, although folks living on those streets might also like their streets fixed. But I’m talking about major thoroughfares like Spring Street and Madison Street that continue to crumble. Again, contact your alderpersons and the mayor and encourage them to get our spending priorities straight.

Casey Carney, Beaver Dam

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