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LETTER: Biden's first 100 days divisive

LETTER: Biden's first 100 days divisive

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President Joe Biden promised to bring back unity to the USA, his policies have done just the opposite.

He is proposing $6 trillion in early spending initiatives. Republicans say the $6 trillion spending is aimed to satisfy his liberal base and amounts to socialism

He is proposing to double the capital gains tax for some of the wealthiest investors. He also plans to increase the corporate income tax rate to 28%. This tax will help pay for the above plan. According to The Tax Foundation, this tax alone will eliminate 159,000 jobs and reduce wages by .7%

Raising corporate tax rates and doubling the capital gains tax rate will have very negative effects on our stock markets and cause massive inflation. Our savings accounts will have less value and consumers will pay the penalty by increased prices on everything they consume

He is proposing to eliminate the “Step-up” in basis when you inherit assets. This will force many to sell those assets to pay the tax

He has supported expanding the Supreme Court to 13 justices, a proposal he denied supporting before the election

Doug Jones, Beaver Dam 


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