LETTER: Different interpretations of Bible text show Trump in different lights

LETTER: Different interpretations of Bible text show Trump in different lights

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A Nov. 1 letter to the editor compared Donald Trump to King David. According to the writer, because God forgave the king for adultery and other transgressions, we should leave Trump alone and move on.

My Sunday school lessons are rusty, so I went back to check out the David story. Turns out, the letter writer forgot to tell us where David and Trump differ. First, David was a great warrior, Trump not so much. We all know about his infamous bone spurs. Second, David admitted his sins and asked God to forgive him. Trump has never apologized to God or anyone else. Finally, David received a horrible punishment for his misdeeds. God killed the first son Bathsheba and David had.

By my reckoning, it’s past time for God to cook up some serious retribution for Trump. So there you have it. Two people look at the same biblical story and twist it to fit their political ideology. Consequently, my final observation is how smart our founding fathers were to keep church and state separate. Basing government decisions on dubious interpretations of ancient religious text is the best way I know to start unraveling a free society.

Margaret Sherman, Beaver Dam 


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